Bay Area Bangladeshi Association
Bay Area Bangladeshi Association

About Us

Mission Statement

To keep the cultural heritage alive among the Bangladeshis in Northern California and help Bangladesh grow.

 Our Objectives

Bay Area Bangladesh Association (BABA) is a non-profit , non-political and secular organization dedicated to Bangladeshis in North California and in Bangladesh. The objectives are:

  1. To promote goodwill and understanding among the members of the organization as well as between the members and other ethnic groups in the Bay Area.
  2. To help Bangladeshis arriving in the Bay Area adjust to the social, economic and cultural conditions of this country.
  3. To help develop economic and educational growth in Bangladesh.
  4. To keep the cultural heritage of Bangladesh alive among the Bangladeshi residents in Northern California through cultural and educational programs and exchanges.
  5. To investigate and implement means of utilizing the resources of talent among men, women, and children of Bangladeshi living or immigrating to this area.

EC 2018

1. President and Public Relations Secretary :  Sheikh Faisal Jalal
2. Vice-President and Finance Secretary:  Helal Chaudhury
3. General Secretary and Sports Secretary :  Rasikul Karim
4. Cultural Secretary :  Asif Iqbal
5. Publications Secretary :  Rajib Imran Joy
6. Social Affairs Secretary :  Dr. Shafiq Abedin
7. Women's and Children Secretary :  Nancy Hoque

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